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    Storytelling that moves people and businesses Forward.

    Storynomics illuminates what story is, why story works and, most importantly, how storytelling in business translates into economic success and beyond.


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The Storynomics Seminar

Skyword and Robert McKee Join Forces to Bring Story to Business Leaders

There has been a fundamental shift in how brands connect with their customers. In the past, they would find stories people loved and then interrupt them with ads. But, today consumers are ignoring, skipping, blocking or avoiding those ads at unprecedented rates. The net effect is that marketers are finding it harder and harder to reach customers.

Leading CMOs recognize that storytelling is the future of marketing. They realize that to succeed in an increasingly ad-free world, marketers have to put story at the center of their strategies. Yet, there is still a misunderstanding about what story is and how to use it effectively.

Robert McKee created the Storynomics seminars to teach senior executives and marketing professionals how to apply storytelling structure to their business to drive revenue, margins and brand loyalty. After meeting Tom Gerace, when Tom asked him to do a one-day workshop with Skyword, Robert felt that Tom could bring a unique perspective to the seminars and chose to partner with him moving forward.

In an industry with a whole new set of ground rules, this dynamic partnership of story craft and marketing innovation is designed to fire the imagination and demonstrate how to stop interrupting what people love and, instead, become what they love.

What Leading Businesses Are Saying

kraftI must tell a story in 30 seconds to 3 minutes. McKee taught me how to create a unique and compelling story for the international brand.

Phil Chapman, Marketing Director, KRAFT FOODS

pepsicoMcKee’s exceptional teaching is critical to success.

Phyllis Fogarty, Brand Manager, PEPSICO

ubisoftExcellent seminar, very insightful. All of what I have learned here is directly applicable to the craft. Mr. McKee has given form to many of the concepts that I have struggled with for years.

Alexandre Amancio, Creative Director, UBISOFT

benzThe art of storytelling as art of persuasion – Robert McKee is the best.

Alexander Paufler, CEO & President, MERCEDES-BENZ Thailand

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Robert McKee

Robert McKee, a Fulbright Scholar, is the most sought-after storytelling lecturer around the globe. He has dedicated the last 30 years to educating both creatives and business people on the craft of storytelling. Those who have learned from McKee have called him “the Aristotle of our time” because of his insight into the substance, structure, style, and principles of the grand art of storytelling.

At PIXAR (TOY STORY, WALL E,FINDING NEMO), McKee’s teachings are “the Law of the Land.” This Fulbright Scholar has won the BAFTA Award and the Cine Eagle, as well as the International Moving Image Book Award for his international bestseller, “Story.”He has coached over 65 Academy Award winners and over 200 Emmy Award winners. To date, over 100,000 writers have attended his seminars.

Tom Gerace

Tom Gerace is the founder and CEO of Skyword, the leading content marketing technology and services company that liberates brands from ineffective marketing practices and inspires them to create deeper connections with their audiences through storytelling. Prior to Skyword, Gerace founded Be Free, a publicly traded affiliate marketing platform and services company, which transformed online advertising from pay-per- view to pay-for-performance advertising.

Early in his career, Gerace served as a senior business analyst at the Harvard Business School, where he wrote the first case studies on the emergence of the Internet. A pioneer in digital marketing, Gerace has helped hundreds of marketing teams to adapt and thrive amid the disruptive changes in technology and consumer behavior of the past 15 years.

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