Storynomics Atlanta

Story guru and best-selling author, Robert McKee, and Tom Gerace, Skyword founder and CEO, have been traveling the globe, spreading the brand storytelling lessons outlined in their just-released book, Storynomics.

Deepen your storytelling know-how by joining us for a special Storynomics Seminar in Atlanta.

  • Understand how story can help you acquire new customers, drive repeat sales, and improve margins.
  • See why the human mind loves a good story.
  • Learn story form and structure, and how to deploy it for branding, lead gen, and sales.

Storynomics has been selling out around the world. Save your seat now!

What Storynomics will cover:

  • Transformation of how brands are connecting with their audiences
  • Proliferation of digital content and failure to break through
  • How story supports the fundamental goals of marketing
    • Acquire customers
    • Drive repeat sales
    • Improve margins
  • Why story fits the mind
  • Understanding story form and structure
  • Deployment of story for:
    • Branding
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Real-world case studies